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Celebrity Headline Generator
Celebrity Headlines
Celebrities are misunderstood. If you had all their money, attention, and fame, wouldn't you go off the deep end once in a while? Sure you would.

But where do the paparazzi keep finding all that dish? We think they might be using this.
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Another name generator by Generatorland.


Generator Land Members level "Capybara" or above can leave comments.
jarad "Anne Hathaway Kicks Puppy In Sleazy Motel" animal cruelty to the max.
4:28 PM on 2/17/10
telkol More animal cruelty "Ellen Pompeo Kicks Puppy While Out Drinking"
7:15 AM on 1/26/11
Sideburns "Vanessa Hudgens Poses Nude At Beverly Hills Gas Station" - THIS would actually happen
12:27 AM on 11/3/11
Shannon1986 "Paris Hilton Abuses Drugs" tell me something I didn't know!
4:13 PM on 1/25/14
homuncularquidnunc Lindsay Lohan Shrieks Incoherently
11:10 PM on 9/2/15
homuncularquidnunc "Selena Gomez attacks photographer on nude beach" I mean...same
8:26 PM on 2/22/17

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