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Rap Dance Generator (vers. 1)

If you can't shoulder lean or Crank dat Soulja Boy, try one of these.


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photographicCHIC105 this is stupid. just so stupid
5:43 PM on 9/2/10
Critkal Sure, if by stupid you mean a) it works, and b) it makes sense. I guess that means your generators are smart, just so smart.
6:42 PM on 9/2/10
taft1909 If it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid!
2:41 PM on 9/3/10
photographicCHIC105 u have a point taft, but Critkal u need tko watch ur mouth. but minework too so there. this is a poinless conversation. u do what u want and i do what i want.
10:18 AM on 9/4/10
Critkal I will! Now watch me Crank dat Sunny D!
4:52 PM on 9/4/10
Arachnakid It's so simple, and yet so awesome! I would love to see/make up dances with these names! :D
6:57 AM on 9/5/10
kookiekrazy look criktal i think ur just some weird person i mean the whole " u dont need to know me " kind of aditude well i dont WANT to kno u acctually im going to IGNORE your rude behavor and move on
10:49 AM on 9/5/10
kookiekrazy and if stupid is good then this is the smartest thing in the world
10:50 AM on 9/5/10
Critkal .........who are you? By the way the whole stupid = smart/smart = stupid was a) over and done, and b) between me and photogirl up there.
10:03 AM on 9/6/10
2thpick I guess I'll start learning how to "crank dat apple pie" lol. It's a nice and simple generator. I like it.
12:05 AM on 9/7/10
Smaners1222 how im I supposed to pop that bananna
12:02 AM on 9/22/12

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